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Saturday, February 13, 2016

On the beach

This trip wasn't about fancy. It wasn't about 5 star restaurants. I didn't pack any make up. We didn't pack and "nice" clothes, just our every-day stuff. The owner of the house in GA asked if we'd like to have some family photos taken. Wow! We have never done that. Ever. We opted for pictures on the beach.

I panicked. Oh my word! What are we going to wear? I looked at the kids, at the boys who *all* were in desperate need of haircuts, as were Dean and I.  I had nothing but t-shirts along for myself. Oh man, these were going to be the real US! The real deal! No hiding under brand new clothes or make up. Just shaggy heads, frumpy mom, sandy faces.

And I love them.

I love every single one of them. I have very few pictures of myself with any of my kids, and now I have pictures of me with every one of them. And pictures of Dean with every one of them. And pictures of all the boys together, and my girls together. And Dean and I....oh how these pictures of Dean and I together mean the world to me. Here are some of our favorites. You'll see everyone's personalities, from those who don't really care for hugs to those who are a bit more mischievous, the serious, the "Teen who can't smile for the camera", and the one who loves the camera most.

I want to say a special thank you to Tamara Gibson Photography, who so generously gave time to our family. These pictures mean the world to us.